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12 Physiotherapy Clinic Floor Plan Design Tips to Maximize Patient and Staff Experience

28 Ways to Reward Your Employees Without a Raise

How to Choose a Good Location for a Physiotherapy Clinic

The Most Underutilize Marketing Strategy That Delivers High-Quality Patients (Not Referrals)

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Clinic Owner Series #12: Dr. Salim Mana – How to Keep high performing clinicians

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The Only 3 Ways To Grow Your Clinic Revenue By 30% In 30 days Without Spending Any More Money

Top 4 Best Selling Electric Massage Tables in 2018

How to Get More New Patients Without Spending Money Getting More Traffic

Best Knee Brace For Knee Pain Relief 2018

How to Quickly Build a Caseload

Best Tens Machines For Back Pain Relief

3 Books Every Clinic Owner Should Read This Summer

How to Manage Millennials at Your Clinic

Top 6 Best Selling Chiropractic Tables in 2017

Clinic Owner Interview Series #11: Jerry Durham — Focusing on Your Patient Experience

Announcing: The Beach Getaway Contest #2 Winner

Doctor Marketing: How to market to doctors if you own a physiotherapy clinic

How to Get Therapy Product Covered by Your Patient's Extended Health Insurance

Clinic Owner Interview Series # 10: Myodetox - Branding & Social Media

Get More Patients: Using Google Business Listings The Right Way

What I learned from 60 clinic owners (at a sold out workshop) about patient engagement

New Grads: What NOT to say to a new patient

Don’t risk getting a patient lawsuit: Tips to protect your clinic

Patient Engagement: The 8 Steps to a Kickass Assessment

Why should YOU be more expensive when selling product at your clinic

Announcing: The Beach Getaway Contest #1 Winner

How to Start a Physiotherapy Clinic or Add This Service To Your Practice

What I Learned From Gary Vaynerchuk And The Biggest Marketing Opportunity in 2017

Top 30 Best Selling Products Patients Really Want

Top 6 Best Selling Physiotherapy Tables in 2016

Get More New Patients: 5 Ways to Boost Your Practice With Social Media

Clinic Owner Interview Series # 9: Krista Williams - What it takes to upgrade to a 4300 SF clinic

How to Schedule More Patients (without adding more space)

Boost Your Patient Engagement With This Metric

How To Give and Get Customer To Love Your Business

Clinic Owner Interview Series #6: Paul Wright - Set up your business freedom blueprint

Top Best Selling Back Support For Office Chairs in 2017

Clinic Owner Interview Series: #5 Charlotte Anderson - Ask questions and trust your intuition

How I Use High Five Fridays to Celebrate Small Wins and Keep Staff Engaged

Hire a Better Front Desk Team: Use These 6 Hiring Tactics

Top 12 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Clinic

Be Faster: Get More Done in Less Time

How to Display Therapy Products at Your Clinic to Sell

Be Better At The Front Desk: 5 Easy Tactics You Should Know

How Can I Sell More Product At My Clinic?

Clinic Owner Interview Series: #4 Darin Cohen - Why I decided to have business partners

8 Morning Rituals That Help Me Win My Day

Be a better clinic owner: Read these 5 books

The Science of Recruiting Top Talent Healthcare Professionals

Why Do Patients Self Discharge From Treatment and What To Do About It?

How to Get Past the Gatekeeper in a Doctor's Office

Top 5 Best Selling Foam Roller in 2016

Take the Quiz: How Engaged Are Your Clinicians and Employees?

Clinic Owner Interview Series: #3 Jeff Walsh - How to Have it All in Business and Life

7 Rising Challenges of Physical Therapy Marketing (and What to Do About Them)

Is Your Health Business Playing Offence or Defence?

Top 10 Best Selling ACL Knee Braces in 2016

Ask The Expert: How to Get Referrals From Existing Patients Without Sounding Pushy

New Changes To Adwords Brings More Competition For Clinic Owners

The 10 Step Killer Assessment Guaranteed to Boost Your Practice

Top 10 Best Selling Tens Machines in 2017

How To Use Extended Health Benefits Trends to Attract New Patients (and keep them coming back)

5 Golden Secrets to Successfully Expanding Into a Second Clinic

Ask the Expert: Should a clinic owner buy their own building?

2017 Best Selling Hot Packs and Cold Therapy Units

Clinic Owner Interview Series: #2 Kim Hall - Have Coffee With Smart People

Top 10 Best Selling Wrist Braces in 2015

Clinic Success Roundup: Culture, Campaigns, and Personal Branding

How To Solve Patient Engagement With These 10 Smart Tips

Employee Retention: Why We Stopped Having Farewell Parties

Clinic Owner Interview Series: #1 Gordon McMorland - Take Risks and Expand

Top 10 Best Selling Back Supports and Braces in 2017

How to Use Your Monthly Financial Statements as a Benchmark for Success

6 Ways to Deal With a Bad Online Patient Review

The 4-Hour Grow Your Clinic Challenge: What Would the Experts Do?

10 Smart Ways to be Your Patient's "Most Trusted Health Advisor"

Top 10 Best Selling Shoulder Braces in 2015

How to Selling Your Clinic For Millions

Why 'Free Consultations' is a Winning Strategy You Can't Afford to Miss Out on

Don't Get Left Behind: 5 Physiotherapy Marketing Hacks Every Clinic Owner Should Know

Top 10 Best Selling Ankle Braces in 2017

10 Easy Steps to Creating Core Values That Will Make You Millions

Discover the Secret to Inspiring Employees for Rapid Growth

How to Run Your Own Practice and Effectively Treat Patients at the Same Time

Avoid These 4 Deadly Sins That Ruin New Patient Phone Calls

How to win back doctors who stop referring

Who Else Wants More New Patients Using my Google Review Process

How Great Clinic Owners Start With Why

Supercharge Your Patient Retention with PVA

10 Influential Books That Will Make You Millions

No Budget For Marketing? 10 Low Cost Tips For Your Practice

How to Measure Patient Satisfaction and Boost Your Referrals

How to give and receive feedback at your clinic

Top 8 Best Selling Knee Braces in 2017

10 Powerful Steps To Defuse Angry Patients

Why Most Health Businesses Fail and What to Do About it

Ten Fatal Flaws in Negotiating a Lease for Your Rehab Clinic

Four Words That Can Make You Thousands

How to Boost Patient Compliance that Drives Repeat Visits

Supercharge Your Reference Check to Avoid Hiring a Toxic Employee

10 Therapy Products Your Competitors are Selling - Why Aren't You?

5 Marketing Secrets That Will Increase Your Phone Calls

How to Make Money Selling Therapy Products Without Inventory?

15 Ways to Prove That Your Clinic is Awesome

Five Fatal Flaws in Setting up a Clinic

Why Should a Patient Choose your Clinic over your Competitors

5 Reasons Why Yellow Pages Still Works for Rehab Clinics

How Many Hours do you Waste Ordering Therapy Supplies?

Stop Wasting Time: 4 Quick Ways to Free Hours Every Month

Attract and Retain Patients With Free Consultations

6 Hidden Costs Suppliers Make You Pay Later

8 Ways to Boost Doctor Referrals

How to Build a Physiotherapy Equipment List on a Tight Budget

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