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The Only 3 Ways To Grow Your Clinic Revenue By 30% In 30 days Without Spending Any More Money

Posted by Rick Lau on Apr 24, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Grow Your Physiotherapy Marketing Revenues

I recently attended a fitness business summit where thousands of fitness owners of gyms, boot camps, and personal training studios came to together to discuss what’s working now. While I was there I discovered that they had the same issues clinic owners constantly struggle with.

  • They struggle to get new clients
  • They struggle to keep their clients on the plan
  • They struggle to duplicate themselves by building a team that can scale their business.

When I mentor clinic owners, the most common question I get asked is how do I grow my revenues? Many clinic owners believe that in order to grow it’s complex and they have to do all these different things. However, that’s just not the case.

Through my experience of building 3 multi-million dollar healthcare companies, building, and selling over 100 rehab clinics, I discovered that there are ONLY 3 WAYS to grow any clinic’s revenues. By implementing what I’m about to share in this blog post can increase your monthly revenue by 30% percent in as little as 30 days without spending any more money.

This is the exact information I share with all my clinic owner clients and when I speak at high ticket seminars.

So let’s get started…

1) Get More Patients

Most clinic owners believe that in order to get more patients they have to spend more money advertising on Google or Facebook.

The problem with this approach is that if your phone booking rate isn't optimized to get the highest booking rate. Your healthcare marketing campaign will bomb or not perform nearly as well as it could.

You can get more patients without spending a dime just by having your help desk use proven scripts designed to overcome objections and maximize the number of appointment bookings.

For example, does your front desk know the best phone scripts to handle these objections so you don't lose patients to your competitors:

  • They say they will call you back?
  • There is no room in your schedule?
  • They ask if their treatments is covered with insurance?
  • They want to know why you are more expensive than everybody else?

I've seen clinics double the number of bookings from the SAME number of calls just by using proven phone scripts to overcome potential patients most common objections.

Say a clinic gets 100 potential patients calls each month and has a booking rate of 50%. They are booking 50 new patients per month. If they increase their booking rate to 90% which is not hard to do and each patient is worth $500 (a very conservative number). That's an extra 40 new patients and $20,000 in additional revenue per month.

Once you boost your phone booking rate to 90% it can dramatically improve the results you get from your advertising.

If you would like to greatly increase the number of appointments you get by phone from the same number of calls... then get your free copy of the “The Ultimate Phone Training Guide to Booking More Patients” by the Phone Lady, Mary Jane.

You'll get proven tactics and scripts on what to say when so your front desk dramatically increases their call metrics: answer & booking rate. Including the most effective way to handle the objections above.

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2) Increase Average Transaction Size

The easiest way to do this is by increasing your price just $5 to $10. This can boost your revenue by 10% overnight without a drop off in patients. Many patients won’t even notice.

For a clinic that’s doing $500,000 a year, this can make a huge difference in their revenue. If they just increase their prices by 10% that’ll make an extra $50,000 per year. When I buy clinics this is one of the first things I do as well as other smart clinic owners.

I’ve mentored dozens of clinic owners… by doing this I’ve never had a significant or minor drop off. It worked every single time. This is a simple tactic you can implement today or tomorrow that requires no extra effort on your part to increase your revenue.

3) Increase Number of Transactions 

The number one strategy the most successful clinics use to increase the number of transactions is to have treatment plans.

In fact, according to Strive Labs, who analyzed 1 million patients, 20% of patients drop out in 3 visits and never come back!

If you fix self discharges by improving your patient experience. This can increase your caseload by at least 30%!

So if you have a $500,000 a year business and you fill up your caseload by 30%. You'll generate an extra $150,000 per year in additional revenue.

One of the ways to improve your patient experience is to set clear expectations up front by having a treatment plan. The patient will see you as being more professional instead of just "winging it" like most clinics which makes the patient think they’ll have to see you forever. This makes them uneasy.

Having a patient book appointments in advance makes them more likely to follow through and stick to your treatment plan.

As a result, you’ll increase the number of transactions, get better results for your patients which makes them more likely to refer others to you.

There you have it. Just by employing these 3 simple growth strategies in your clinic can increase your revenue by at least 30% in as little as 30 days without spending any more money on advertising.

Plus when you have these in place it will dramatically increase the effectiveness and profitability of your marketing campaigns.

If you would like to double the number of appointments you get by phone from the same number of calls… then get your free copy of the “The Ultimate Phone Training Guide to Booking More Patients” by the Phone Lady, Mary Jane.


You'll get proven tactics and scripts on what to say when so your front desk increases their booking rate over the phone.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The correct way to answer the phone and offer help.
  • How to easily handle any objection that stands in the way of a patient booking.
  • How to deal with difficult or defensive patients so you can calm the situation and easily resolve things.
  • How to effectively put people on hold so they don't hang up (get this wrong and they’ll be ringing your competitors instead).
  • What to say to get patients to commit to appointments so you always keep your books filled.
  • What never to say on a patient phone call.
  • And much more!

CLICK HERE and get your free copy of “The Ultimate Phone Training Guide to Booking More Patients.”
The Phone Lady, Mary Jane has trained over 10,000 individuals on how to communicate more effectively on the telephone. You may have seen her in the Wall Street Journal, National Post, The Globe & Mail, CBC, or CTV to name a few.


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