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10 Therapy Products Your Competitors are Selling - Why Aren't You?

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Feb 19, 2015 2:01:00 PM


As a clinician, your priority is to provide your patients with the highest quality of care. 
Offering “complete care” is about offering a great treatment. But it also includes recommending helpful advice and products that can boost your patient’s recovery.
Many physiotherapists or chiropractors often feel uncomfortable recommending rehabilitation products to their patients. They really shouldn’t. You are your patients trusted health advisor and you know that integrating therapy products with treatments will speed up your patient’s recovery. Your patients are only going to love you for that - no one likes to be in pain or have an injury.
While the patients outcome is always a primary focus, the other key benefit to selling products is it can boost your revenue by an extra 8% on average  - which adds up to a lot in the long-term.
Selling rehabilitation products is a growing trend. Your competitors are getting in on the action and establishing a competitive edge, so why aren’t you? It's time you stopped missing out on opportunities and get in on the action. 
If you're worried about stocking product inventory, partner with a rehab supplier like CSC who can ship on demand with no minimum orders. Then, you don't have to worry about stocking items that range in various sizes and different fittings (left or right) and you can start selling the right things directly to patients as you go.
To help get you started, here are the ten "best selling" physiotherapy products most clinics are recommending to their patients.
1. TENS machines

You have used this machine on many patients in your clinic; they may have even found it to be a very useful part of their rehabilitation process. So why not offer this product to patients who want to integrate the TENS machine into their home exercise program?  
By using a TENS machine, your patients will be able to have temporary pain relief while also increasing the probability of them adhering to their prescribed home exercise program. The TENS machine is ideal for patients who are experiencing chronic pain and have a busy schedule or a limited extended health benefits plan. The device also allows patients temporary relief when they are not able to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

Best Selling Tens Machine: Tens 3000 Unit
2. Hot Packs

Hot Packs are indispensable in any physiotherapy clinic.
Research has suggested that hot therapy can be beneficial to those with arthritis, tight muscles, and stiff joints - meaning almost all patients can find them beneficial.
They have high functionality and versatility, they can be used to relieve pain, and they are easy for patients to use at home as part of their rehabilitation program. As hot packs are compact, inexpensive to stock, and take up minimal storage space in your clinic, they are an essential item to have in inventory that you should be advising all your patients to use post treatment.

Best Selling Hot Pack: Medibeads Moist Heating Pads 
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3. Compression Socks and Stockings

Compression socks and stockings are beneficial to patients who are athletes, pregnant, have recently had surgery, or for those individuals who stand or sit for extended periods of time (airline crew, nurses, etc.).
Making them available at your clinic will ensure patients are: (1) fitted correctly; (2) receive the proper compression grade; and (3) learn the proper application techniques. Compression socks come both patient ready and customized.
As this product ranges in size, it's best not to have physical stock of these items but order directly from the supplier once the patient fulfills their order. This will allow your patients to have a customized measured and fitting experience while allowing your clinic to have a minimal financial burden.

Best Selling Compression Socks: Bauerfeind VenoTrain 

4. Pain Relief Cream

Many of your patients may have already bought pain relief cream from their local drugstore; they may have even purchased this before they came in for treatment. With so many different types and brands of creams in the marketplace, how does your patient know which cream is the best suited to their need?  
They don't. Remember, you're the expert here!
Why not make these products easily available to patients at your clinic? This will allow you the opportunity to educate them on brands you feel are the safest and most effective for your patients' injuries.

Best Selling Pain Relief Cream: Musclecare Maximum Strength
5. Knee Braces

According to Statistics Canada, by the year 2026, an estimated 6 million Canadians who are 15 years of age or older will have arthritis. This is truly an astounding figure! A prevention method must be put in place to tackle this problem. Although there is no cure for arthritis, leading an active life and avoiding permanent joint damage can help prevent the condition.

A knee brace is critical in supporting and stabilizing the knee, thus allowing your patient to reduce pain and improve function. However, patients with knee problems often end up buying a generic knee brace from their local drug or dollar store. Often, the knee brace offers the wrong level of support and does not fit the patient properly. Consequently, the brace defeats the purpose of protecting knee joints.

Educate and advocate for your patients about how important it is to wear a brace that not only provides the best support for their injury, but also one that actually fits. Why not make bracing available at your clinic? This will ensure that your patients are getting fitted with a proper brace that will help them alleviate pain and increase mobility.

Best Selling Knee Brace: Bauerfeind Genutrain
6. Cervical Neck Pillows

As a health care provider, your goal is to educate your patients on all possible techniques that will help manage their pain and accelerate recovery. Offering solutions to everyday aches and pains, or to improve alignment when sleeping, can significantly improve your patient’s general wellbeing.
Given the variability of neck pillows in the marketplace, having your preferred option(s) available for a patient to try prior before purchase offers an invaluable service and a therapeutic guarantee.

Best Selling Cervical Neck Pillow: Mediflow Waterbase Pillow
7. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are incredibly simple to use and they’re also extremely effective at strengthening your muscles and increasing range of motion. Additionally, resistant bands offer flexibility when working on overall strength and conditioning without having to purchase large and expensive fitness equipment.
Selling resistance bands in your clinics, will allow your patients to continue the therapeutic exercises learned in the clinic, at home.

Best Selling Resistance Bands: Thera Band
8. Ankle Braces

Ankle sprains are frequent injuries seen in the emergency room, the physician office, and the rehabilitation clinic. Research has shown that bracing after a lateral ligament ankle sprain produces a significant improvement in ankle joint function.
Since ankle sprains are a very common injury, make ankle braces accessible and available for purchase directly in your clinic - allowing the injured patient to have access to the proper type of brace and the appropriate fit.
Integrating the use of an ankle brace or support after an injury will accelerate and optimize your patients recovery process.
Best Selling Ankle Braces: Bauerfeind Malleotrain
9. Back Braces

Back pain is the leading cause of disability, activity limitation, and workplace absences across the globe. If millions across the world are suffering from back pain, would it not be prudent for your clinic to be selling back braces?
Offering this product to your patients can enhance their spine health, allowing them to enjoy recreational activities and return to work earlier and safer. And for all types of back pain you can also recommend heat pads.

Best Selling Back Brace: Bioskin Back Support

10. Walking Aids

Therapists often recommend a walking aid to reduce pains and falls, as well as to improve function. Patients who require walking aids are usually not very mobile.
It would be very convenient and worthwhile to have these assisted devices onsite for them to try out. The ability for a patient to purchase a walking aid from your clinic will display a high level of service at your clinic, putting you ahead of the competition.

Best Selling Walking Aid:  Aluminum Cane or Knee Scooter

If you're concerned about your physiotherapy marketing budget and keeping inventory on hand, don't be. Just keep a few samples for demonstration purposes and order the rest on demand.
As your patients need products, get them to pay directly post treatment. Place your order and the item arrives before your patients next treatment. It's the easiest, most efficient, and most cost effective way to do it.
Get in touch and we'll give you a demo of how this service works.

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