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Best Knee Brace For Knee Pain Relief 2018

Posted by Rick Lau on Dec 5, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Best knee brace for knee pain relief.jpg

Knee braces can be very effective at providing relief from pain. But we understand that deciding on which knee brace to buy can be confusing, and overwhelming, especially since we sell over 105 different types of Knee Supports!

Your first question might be, why on earth would we stock that many knee braces in the first place?

The answer is, we work with over 13,000 healthcare providers (and their patients) across the country, including physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. And since we are Canada's largest healthcare supplier of pain relief products and knee braces, we have to keep a wide selection of high quality products that can suit all purposes, both clinical and home use.

That’s why we consulted with one of the top physiotherapist to give you some advice on choosing the best knee brace for you.

So here’s  what we’re going to cover:

  • The top 3 knee braces based on quality, price, suitability, flexibility and pain relief results
  • How to claim your knee brace on your extended health benefits

TOP 3 Knee Braces  

To gather this information, we consulted with Darryl Yardley, a highly accomplished physiotherapist who teaches at 3 of Canada's physiotherapy schools and mentors physiotherapists across the country. We asked Darryl to review our top selling Knee Braces, so he could offer some advice about the ones he’d recommend to clinic owners, therapists and patients.

We showed him our top best selling Knee Braces  that have the best feedback from clinicians across the country and the lowest refund rate. Here’s the results for the top 3...

Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace

Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace.jpg

This knee brace is suited for you if you have:

  • Knee Strains
  • Knee Pain
  • Pre and Post-Op Knee Swelling and Inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Osgood-Schlatter´s Disease

It can help treat and ease the pain associated with these conditions and provides excellent support for sporting activities.

As it is well-suited to supporting everyday activities, this knee brace also offers ultimate comfort with an active knit material that is breathable and looks really cool with its titan grey interlaced fabric.  

In addition, the brace includes a visco-elastic Omega pad, a ring shaped pad that serves as a functional cushion around your knee cap to relieve pressure and reduce pain while gently “massaging.”

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace is classified as "medical grade compression" (20–30 mmHg), which means you may be eligible for extended health coverage on this item (see below for details).

Ossur Rebound Knee Brace


This knee brace is most suited for you, if you have:

  •         Mild Medial/Lateral Knee Instabilities

The Ossur Rebound Knee Brace (Non-ROM Hinge Model) can help treat and ease the pain associated with these conditions as it is designed to serve the needs of a broad range of patients.

Comes with customizable options so you can strap the brace “your way” as the reversible strapping can be setup to pull laterally-to-medially, medially-to-laterally, or a combination of both and the universal patella buttress for easy and personalized patellar support.

Made up of a unique, 3-layer Cooltech™ fabric, this knee brace is extremely breathable, reduces heat retention and dries very fast!

Don’t worry about comfort because when the Rebound Knee Brace stretches in extension, it easily relaxes back to its natural shape in flexion which minimizes the popliteal bunching that causes skin irritation.

This knee brace is also classified as a "medical device,” which means you may be eligible for extended health coverage on this product. As it contains dual lower cruciate straps to enable a fine-tuned control of the anterior-posterior hinge placement and cinch the Rebound Knee Brace above the gastroc to reduce migration. (See below for details)

DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Brace


This knee brace is most suited for you, if you have:

  •         Knee Pain Relief
  •         Mild OA Knee Pain
  •         Runner's Knee (Chondromalacia Patella)
  •         Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendonitis/Tendinosis)
  •         Osgood-Schlatter Disease
  •         General Knee Instability

The Donjoy Reaction Web Knee Brace can help treat and ease the pain associated with these conditions as it is a great well-rounded support that can fit both the left and right leg.

The web is made of Elastomer, a blend rubber materials that is designed to absorb shock, disperse energy, and shift pressure away from the painful areas of the knee, making this knee support very comfortable to wear.

Plus, the brace is latex and neoprene free which makes it very breathable and lightweight during your active lifestyle!

This knee brace is also classified as a "medical device,” which means you may be eligible for extended health coverage on this product. As it features dual-axes hinges that are flexible, so it can optimize the fit of your brace and the distinct patella support is for knee stabilization. (See below for details)


How to claim a knee brace on insurance (at NO COST to the patient)

We find that many patients are not taking advantage of getting therapy products reimbursed by their extended health plans. In most cases it's simply because you don’t know that your insurance will cover it - as is the case with knee braces.

Most extended health plans have some level of coverage under the following categories:

  • Medical device - you can use this coverage category for knee braces that are designed with rigid or semi-rigid material. For example a knee brace that has a hinge or a vertical stay built into it would satisfy these coverage requirements.
  • Compression - you can use this coverage category for knee braces, compression stockings and compression socks that you may need for various injuries.

Here’s the trick though: Your compression garment needs to be “medical grade compression.”  This means it contains over 20 mmHg of pressure or tightness.  

What products are “medical grade compression?”

Bauerfeind knee braces are a great example. They have medical grade compression (20-30 mmHG) so these will be covered by most people’s extended health care plans.

You could also consider:

Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Brace

Bauerfeind Genutrain P3 Knee Brace

Bauerfeind Genutrain A3 Knee Brace

Bauerfeind Genutrain S Knee Brace

Bauerfeind Genutrain S Pro Knee Brace


So here’s a three-step process to help you get your KNEE BRACE for free.

Step 1: Call your insurance company

Find out the specific coverage and requirements for medical device and compression coverage. Most insurers will typically pay 80%. So ask your insurer if they cover compression or medical devices and how much coverage you’re entitled to.

Step 2: Get a note (script) from your physician, physiotherapist or chiropractor

Not all insurance companies require a physician note for reimbursement, but it’s recommended that you call your insurer to check first. In many cases, your physiotherapist or chiropractor can write a script to get this covered by the insurance companies.

Step 3: Submit for Reimbursement

Submit the claim form with the proof of purchase (receipts) AND script in order to get reimbursed.


Why you should buy a knee brace from us today  

Since knee braces come in various sizes, you do need to ensure you get a correct fitting for optimal results. By working with your therapist, you can get a fitting with them and if it’s the wrong size, CSC will happily replace it with a new one and the right fit. We want to make sure you get the best recovery!

Here's what some of our customers say about us:

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