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Best Tens Machines For Back Pain Relief

Posted by Rick Lau on Sep 6, 2017 9:15:00 AM

Best Tens Machines For Back Pain Relief.jpg

TENS machines are very effective at providing relief from back pain. But we understand that deciding on which TENS unit to buy can be confusing, and overwhelming, especially since we sell over 55 different TENS machines!

Your first question might be, why on earth would we stock that many TENS units in the first place?

The answer is, we work with over 13,000 healthcare providers (and their patients) across the country, including physiotherapist, chiropractor and massage therapists. And since we are Canada's largest healthcare supplier of pain relief products and best TENS machines, we have to keep a wide selection of high quality products that can suit all purposes, both clinical and home use.

Your next question may be, how on earth do I choose one?

That’s why we consult with Canada's leading physiotherapists to help give you some advice on choosing the best TENS machine for you

So here we’re going to cover:

  • The top 3 best TENS machines based on quality, price, and pain relief results
  • How to claim your TENS machine on insurance, often for free 


To gather this information, we consulted with Darryl Yardley, a highly accomplished physiotherapist who teaches at 4 of Canada's physiotherapy schools and mentors physiotherapists across the country. We asked Darryl to run some numbers on our TENS units so he could offer some advice about the ones he’d recommend to clinic owners and patients.

We showed him our top 10 best selling TENS machines that have the best feedback from clinicians across the country and the lowest refund rate. Here’s the results for the top 3...

Cefar Primo Pro Digital Tens Machine 

Cefar Primo Pro Digital Tens Machine.jpg

This TENS unit is designed to treat chronic muscle pain to provide deep relief. It offers both the TENS stimulation and a pleasant massaging, pumping feeling that soothes and relaxes the muscles.

It also has an easy-to-use digital interface that enables you to easily find and adjust the unit to the right level of stimulation to ensure a therapeutic effect. And comes with an inbuilt automatic self-check to ensure 100% safety at all times.

The digital interface is also large and back lit to make its usability even easier. And you can run all channels separately, have each one timed individually, select a preset mode of operation, or choose mixed-frequency amplitudes, so it gives you greater flexibility for all your home treatments.

It is a more expensive model, but will last many years if well cared for and stored safely when not in use.

In terms of pain, this machine is great for all types of muscle pain, chronic back pain, neck pain and to help reduce spasms.


Comfy Stim Ultra Combo TENS/EMS Unit

Comfy Stim Ultra Combo TENSEMS Machine-1.jpg

This portable and compact TENS machine also comes equipped with a large digital interface for easy operation.

In addition to the TENS mode, it also comes with an ‘EMS mode,’ which helps to maintain or increase muscle strength and prevent muscle atrophy. You can operate 12 TENS presets or 12 EMS presets, giving you multiple waveforms to treat even the most difficult pain. And in addition to instant relief, this unit facilitates recovery.

With a price that is half of the one above, it still delivers an exceptionally effective treatment.

In terms of pain, this machine is great for all types of muscle pain, chronic back pain, can help reduce spasms and is effective for treating tension headache.


Tens 4000 Machine

Tens 4000.png

Though this TENS unit is much cheaper than the others mentioned above - it is still a quality unit at an affordable price.

It has fully adjustable parameters that allow you to find the right level of stimulation to achieve a therapeutic effect for your injury. For instance, a few different modes and waveforms, along with an adjustable pulse rate and width.

Though it doesn’t have as many preset functions as other models, it can still be set on a timer at your selected mode and waveform pulse, so you can relax back and receive the treatment.

In terms of pain, this machine is great for lower back pain in particular, tension headache treatment, reduction of spasms and back pain during pregnancy.

Regardless of whether you choose the most or least expensive of these models, they are the preferred models that both clinicians and patients across Canada select. They are all great quality, as CSC only provides quality equipment, and they will all provide back pain relief. It really just depends on how much flexibility of use you prefer.


How to claim your Tens Machine on insurance (at NO COST to the patient)

We find that many patients are not taking advantage of getting therapy products reimbursed by their extended health plans. In most cases it's simply because you don’t know that your insurance will cover it - as is the case with TENS machines.

TENS machines are classified as a “medical device.” Many extended health benefits pay 100% coverage with no limits and no deductibles for medical devices. The only step in the way is that these medical supplies are covered only when medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor. Some plans accept a prescription from a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

So here’s a two-step process to help you get your TENS machine for free.

Step 1: Call your insurance company

Find out the specific coverage and requirements. TENS machines are grouped in the category of 'medical equipment/devices' and most insurers will typically pay 100% with no deductibles. So ask your insurer if they cover the TENS machines and how much coverage you’re entitled to.

Step 2: Get a doctors note

Most insurance companies require you to get a doctor’s script if you want a medical device covered.

Most plans typically require the following on the doctor’s script:
  • Diagnosis necessitating the TENS machine (e.g., "chronic" back pain)
  • Anticipated duration the TENS machine will be required (typically at least 12 weeks but seek the advice of your therapist here)
  • Anticipated application of the TENS machine (e.g., for daily use)
  • Identify what the TENS machine aims to achieve (e.g., improve quality of life, reduce medication use, increase activity tolerance, improve sleep)
  • Some insurers will ask for the type of TENS machine required

Step 3: Submit for Reimbursement

Submit the claim form with the proof of purchase (receipts) AND doctors note in order to get reimbursed.


Why you should buy a Tens Machine today  

CSC services 13,000 healthcare providers across the country, including their patients. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products, that’s why many clinicians send patients to buy TENS machines directly from our site.

Here’s what people have to say about CSC:

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