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15 Ways to Prove That Your Clinic is Awesome

Posted by Rick Lau on Feb 3, 2015 2:22:00 PM


You know your clinic is awesome, your staff is amazing, and you offer the best care in your community. But, do potential prospects and patients really know how remarkable your clinic is? Don’t just tell or advertise that your clinic is awesome, demonstrate it! The goal is to prove to potential prospects that you are worthy of their business by showing them unique attributes that set your clinic apart from your competitors.  

With the right unique selling point (USP), you stand out from the competition and create a niche for your clinic that creates demand and instills loyalty. Position your clinic as knowledgeable and credible so that potential prospects will choose your clinic when faced with chronic/acute pain.

Here are 15 ways to create proof on how awesome your are:

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  1. Specialization: Instant proof of expertise when focused on a specific part/injury. E.g. TMJ expert, IMS expert, Knee Pain Clinic, The Lower Body Treatment Centre.
  2. Testimonials: Position ‘Thank you’ cards in highly visible areas. Include testimonials in marketing literature of how injured local runners, triathletes, dancers have successfully achieved their goals after treatment in your clinic.
  3. Show off a bit:  Place plaques and other achievements awards in the waiting area.
  4. Go the extra mile: Take the time to explain the science behind the injury and discuss cure and prevention while implementing a simple treatment plan. 
  5. Experience: Specify on your website and all marketing materials how long the clinic has been in business. "Proudly Serving the Victoria Community for 15 years" 
  6. Alliances with local experts: "Worked with over 20 of the best local orthopaedic sturgeons, rheumatologists, family doctors to develop this specialized treatment plan" 
  7. Be honest: Tell the truth, don’t exaggerate. Admitting to faults shows that your clinic is ethical. E.g. "This treatment won’t be as effective for patients who have had hip replacements"
  8. Personal touch: Provide a human touch by explaining why you became a health professional.
  9. Provide valuable content: Demonstrate your unique expertise and experience through useful and informative articles, webinars and blogs.
  10. Connect with the community: Host a local charity event, or offer free 15-minute consultations at a local high school sporting event.
  11. Involve patients in case studies: Active patients are using your products and services on a regular basis, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them for input and feedback. 
  12. Show and tell: Demonstrate day-to-day activities via advertisements or online videos that pique the interest of the general public. E.g. "How to walk properly", "Are you sitting properly?"
  13. Give them facts: "Helping 29845 patients in 21 years"
  14. Scientific studies: Gain credibility by explaining how scientific studies supports your treatment plan.
  15. Allow to be challenged from prospects: "Try us now and feel how your pain will decrease, and your mobility will increase!" 


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