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Announcing: The Beach Getaway Contest #2 Winner

Posted by Rick Lau on Jun 13, 2017 4:52:46 PM

Beach Getaway Winner 1a.jpg


If we told you the most popular holiday destination of choice is Hawaii, would that surprise you? Can you guess what the next top destination is?

We recently hosted our second Beach Getaway Contest  and it was great to learn about all the different places people want to go for a holiday. So much fun. :)

We held the contest to show how THANKFUL and GRATEFUL we are to our customers and Clinic Accelerator blog subscribers.

We appreciate how challenging and overwhelming it can get when working in a clinic, which is why we thought a holiday wish should be granted. 

We appreciate the honor of being able to serve front desk teams, clinic owners, and clinicians. We're always trying to find creative ways to show our appreciation. We recognize the hard work that goes into running a clinic and taking care of patients all at the same time. 

So, THANK YOU for being AMAZING!

And of course, thank you for your participation. It's great to see everyone have fun taking photos with friends, colleagues and family members.

The competition has ended so let’s announce the winner… 

Fun, Fun, Fun!

It really was incredible to see how much fun people had with the Beach Photo Contest. The creativity included people:

  • Doing yoga poses
  • Somebody dress up as a monkey
  • Containing lot's of laughs and white teeth
  • Photos with grandmas and kids
  • Lots of anatomy bodies and skeletons
We even had Kyle dressing up in a swim suit. I love the culture with his clinic in etobicoke. 
Propel Physiotherapy.jpg
Overall, we had 247 submissions. Here's what we learned:


beach contest inforgraphics.png 

51% Ontario
19% British Columbia
14% Alberta
5% Saskatchewan 
3% Nova Scotia
2% Manitoba
2% Quebec  
25% Hawaii
10% Mexico
8% Costa Rica
6% Bahamas
6% Florida
5% St Lucia
4% Cuba

These were the top picks but we got everything from the Amazon rainforest, to Turks to Caicos to Cayman Islands to Disney World. It really was super cool.


Yipee...We loved all your fabulous photos!

Of course, the highlight was all the incredibly, creative, fun photos we recieved.


Thanks again for your participation - it means a lot to us!

Here are some examples:


Beach Contest 2 collage.jpg


Announcing the Happy Winner...

We want to be transparent and show you the process we used to randomly pick the winner. In this short 30 second video, Sara and Hanh share the top pick.


The Winner is Collin from Vancouver - WooHoo!

Beach Contest 2 Winner.jpeg

Collin is from Van Sports & Physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver. 

Here’s more about Collin McArthur 

1. What is your role in the clinic?
Clinic Owner

2. What inspired you to work in health care?
Well, I used to run a construction company, and my wife is a Physiotherapist. And one day, 3 years ago,we decided to put all our eggs in to one basket and open a physiotherapy practice. It is a much cleaner environment than the construction field!

3. What was your thought when you saw this free trip?
We just had our first baby girl in March so there have been many changes and adjustments we have had over the last few months. So when we saw the draw our first reaction was, that this would be an amazing time to get away and go to Hawaii and de-stress.  

4. Why did your choose Hawaii destination?
Its hot and it has beautiful beaches and beautiful greenery. It is by far probably one my favorite places on earth. 
5. Are you going on the trip alone?
No, I wouldn't go alone, I would definitely take my wife and baby. 
6. Who will you bring? Why?
Haha, well if I left on vacation without my family, I probably wouldn't have a family to come home to.

7. Why you love/choose CSC?
I love the CSC the website, it is easy to use is super simple to source what you need and trust the pricing is good. And CSC has great customer service. They always check in to see how you are doing, and they remember who you are, it makes us feel important.

8. How would you say CSC help you save time?
Definitely CSC offers convenience. As a small business we don't have time to go through many websites to check prices and products. With CSC I know that I can get the overall benchmark pricing and all the items I need from one spot.


Thanks Again!!

Thanks again for your participation. We appreciate you!!!!  


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