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How I Use High Five Fridays to Celebrate Small Wins and Keep Staff Engaged

Posted by Rick Lau on Sep 7, 2016 11:00:00 AM



If you’re like most clinic owners, you treat a lot of patients and don’t have much time to grow or manage your business. It’s hard to juggle the two, let alone make sure your employees and contractors are engaged and committed to their roles.

Sometimes, it can seem like a struggle to get a bigger commitment from them. You really want your staff to work for you like clinic owners who care about the business. But, for some reason it doesn’t seem to work out that way.

The secret to having a highly engaged team and a winning business is not as difficult as you think. In fact, it’s actually pretty easy.

What you need to do is: Build a culture that everybody loves!

Culture is the one core element that will make all the difference. And from there you take the time to celebrate small wins, keep track of your score so you know you're winning, and you hire the right people.

In this post I will share:

  • How paying attention can inspire action
  • A super easy technique to engage staff right now
  • The one key thing you need to do right now that will make all the difference
  • A quiz to test your team's engagement
Paying Attention Can Inspire Action That Will Change Your Business

A few months back I was a speaker at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Mastermind Workshop. There were nine incredible experts sharing some amazing business growth strategies.

One of the presentations I really enjoyed was Tanja Yardley’s talk about building culture at your clinic. Tanja is the Vice President of outpatient services at CBI Health Group and has lots of experience in this area.

One of my biggest takeaways from Tanja’s talk was high five fridays. 

In fact, she inspired me so much that I decided to implement this in my business right away and my staff absolutely love it!

You won’t believe how easy this is to do. And I’ll show you exactly how right now.

Introducing High Five Fridays

I learned from Tanja that the process is just a simple email where you choose 3 wins or highlights to share with the team. And, the email should also include a really cool photo.

At CSC, we have daily huddles where we review our ‘wins’ and ‘stucks,’ and the metrics we achieve each day. This allows us to have fluid communication and deal with problems as they arise. And it also gives us all a chance to share small wins as they occur.

Each Friday I take the time to sit down and write an email that reflects on the week. The email takes me about 10 minutes to write, and look for a cool photo to include, and it shares the small wins and gives the team a big high five for an amazing week!

Here’s an example:


I think that’s something we have to remember is that, work is a HUGE part of our lives, and the lives of our staff. Work should be fun and feel good, not a constant stress and pressure.

So doing small things like high five Fridays can really have a profound impact on how people feel. And that’s incredibly important.

The team really loves this and it’s a great way to start the weekend. Leaving everyone feeling great with a positive emotion about CSC as they go and enjoy their lives.

CSC high five feedback 


Promote Your Company Culture

At CSC we are big on culture and our 65% annual growth rate speaks in volumes that what we do works. And we engage in lots of small actions to make sure that culture stays active and alive!

For example:

We have welcome parties not farewell parties - though we wish the best for people that are leaving, the ones that are coming onboard are far more important. And we make sure they know that by throwing them a big party.

We start new hires on Friday - we take this a step further and start them on Friday’s. Imagine how good it feels to arrive at your new job, get a big party and go home with gifts. You will be loving your weekend thinking this must be the best job ever. And you’d be looking forward to your new job on Monday.

We send handwritten cards - on birthdays and even randomly to say thanks and show appreciation. We take the time to handwrite the cards.

We have staff lunches and fun day - on a regular basis we order in great food or ice cream. During our meetings, during birthdays or when we just have an awesome week to help build team connection and relationships. We also have fun days where the team challege in Escape Room, went for neon bowling or have a professional makeup artist like Jasmine Hoffman came to our office for a makeup glam day.

CSC fun day makeup

These are just a few examples of simple things we have built into the company structure and systems. And the thing that drives all these actions is our core values.

The Importance of Core Values

Core values are the center of your company culture. They are the thing that drives everything you do.

Something I learned from Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, an extraordinarily successful company, is something powerful he said: “We developed a list of committable core values…not just values that end up being part of a meaningless plaque on the wall.”

At CSC we hire on values and train on skill. We live and breathe our values with everything we do. And I can tell you, it is worth every second spent to develop core values you can live by. Core values you can really commit to, as Tony Hsieh says.


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If you don’t have core values already, here are 10 easy steps to creating core values.

Doing so can literally turn your business from bust to millions!

How Engaged Are Your Employees?

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