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Who Else Wants More New Patients Using my Google Review Process

Posted by Rick Lau on Jul 22, 2015 8:34:00 AM


Let’s face facts: in the 21st century, if Google doesn’t know who you are, no one does.

In your industry, the greatest commodity is new patients. Competition for these new clients is as fierce as ever and clinic owners all over the world are fighting tooth and nail to be at the top of Google’s search results. 

So, you’re looking for an advantage. A marketing technique that puts you leaps and bounds ahead of every other health business and gives you the exposure you deserve. 

Well, looks like today’s your lucky day. By using just one simple marketing technique, you going to learn how to increase your client base by more than 30% in less than a month. Plus, we’re going to talk about how to establish your brand online and become an authority in your community.

Excited? So am I. Let’s dive right in.

Understanding Google Reviews and Maps

The very first step to getting ‘social currency’ (or “online influence and access to influencers” is to develop a positive reputation online. Now, Facebook and other social media pages are definitely going to help you establish your brand online. That being said, if you’re serious about getting noticed online, you’re going to need google reviews.

Don’t take our word for it. A comprehensive survey by Zendesk showed that 88% of people are influenced by online customer reviews whenever they make a buying decision. Consumers are more informed (and cautious) than ever before. If you expect to appeal to them, you’ll need to convince them you’re worth their time.

In today’s world, potential clients have to believe you offer high-quality services before they ever walk through your door.

So, you’re going to have to impress people online. That’s not negotiable if you plan on running a successful business (especially in an industry with as much competition as yours). But forget about impressing people with reviews. What about keeping them informed?

Imagine for a moment that you are one of your potential clients. You drove by a chiropractic and massage clinic, remembered the name and now you’re ready to research it a bit online. You type the name into Google and get...nothing.

Outsmart Your Competitors in Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Marketing

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Forget about the reviews; you’ve got bigger problems. If you’re not actively keeping your business information updated on Google, these potential clients might end up with outdated (or outright wrong) information. Business hours, phone numbers and even the business address could easily be wrong.

Having even one outdated piece of information can compromise your business. When the stakes are this high, I’m afraid you can’t afford to “hope for the best”.

Shine a Spotlight on your Online Brand

Now, your first instinct might be to panic and start worrying about managing all these online promotion issues. Fight that instinct. Fortunately for you, the growth hacking process is nowhere near as complex as you’d imagine it would be. In fact, you’ll probably be able to do most of this on your own (no hired help required).

Plus, let’s not forget what we’re doing here. We’re about to take your clinic and give it the visibility and exposure it truly deserves. That’s certainly worth fighting for, right?

Now, fixing the Google Maps issue is actually pretty easy. Frankly, it’s as simple as creating a Google+ account for your business, verifying your business and updating all your information. If you need a more in-depth guide for this, Socialnomics has a great resource for you.

Having the right information on Google Maps is definitely important. That being said, when it comes to growing your clinic, you’re going to need to focus on marketing.

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the most brilliant health business owners in the world. Through my exclusive one-on-one coaching program, I’ve spent plenty of time discussing effective (and ineffective) forms of marketing. After taking a look at the differences between truly successful health businesses and barely profitable ones, I’ve noticed one deciding factor. More than anything, internal and external marketing determines the success of any practice.

Let’s take a look at a real-life example. I currently coach a physiotherapy clinic in Alberta. This clinic has two physiotherapists, two massage therapists, a kinesiologist and one big problem. See, no matter what they did, they couldn’t seem to get more than 50 new patients per month. This went on for about six months before I stepped in and encouraged them to make a few changes.

For starters, I implemented a process that increased their Google reviews by 300%. And before you ask, the answer is no, that’s not an exaggeration. Somehow, this business had only managed to get 3 Google reviews...ever. Yikes.

In less than 30 days, we were able to help them get 13 Google reviews and break through that pesky new patient plateau. Just by boosting their number of Google reviews, the clinic got 67 new physiotherapy patients per month. That’s right; a 34% increase by making one simple adjustment. Just imagine how you would feel if you woke up tomorrow with 34% more clients.

While I provide my clients with a variety of advice and patient retention techniques through my one on one coaching, this particular technique is one of the first that I share with my clients. When it comes to getting tons of high-quality client reviews, the number one issue is...incentive.

Providing the Proper Motivation

Keep in mind: most of your clients probably love your work! If they were asked personally, they’d definitely recommend you. Unfortunately, word of mouth can only travel so far. So, encouraging clients to post reviews online is your best bet if you really want to spread the word.

Of course, you don’t want to bribe people for positive reviews. It’s bad business and can easily compromise consumer trust (which can be borderline impossible to get back, by the way). So, how do you provide the right push without rewarding your clients for lying?

Well, here’s what we did. At the end of every single patient’s visit, we told the front desk team to ask the following three questions:

  • How was your treatment?
  • How did you feel?
  • Did you hear about our promotion this month?

Aside from preparing your patient for your request, those first two questions are a great way to gauge patient satisfaction (which is critical, if you expect these reviews to be useful).

After they’re asked those questions, we’d inform them that if they did a Google review, they’d be entered into a free massage contest this month! We make sure to mention that 1 out of every 10 reviewers is guaranteed to win. With that, we’d ask them if they’d be willing to do a review for us.

The key here is to make this process a part of your everyday treatment routine. You shouldn’t be asking every other client; you should be asking every client. It may seem a bit unnatural at first, but remember that this is a numbers game. Plus, considering that you need about 20-30 reviews before Google takes you seriously, you’re going to need every client review you can get.

Like email marketing, you’ll only get 3-5% of your patients to agree to submit reviews. Fortunately for you, most of these patients are the ones that are incredibly happy with their physiotherapist/massage therapist/chiropractor.

Now, don’t settle for just Google reviews. They’re an important first step, but if you really want to establish a reputable brand, you’ll need to expand your clinic’s reach. The next month, encourage people to write reviews on Yelp. After that, focus on getting clients to refer their friends! Turn your current patients into marketing machines and watch as more and more new clients pour in.

Sidenote: I also recommend you create an incentive program for your front desk team. Something as simple as providing them with $10 for ever review or friend that gets referred by another client. You’d be amazed at how convincing people can be when they have a chance to earn extra cash.   

A few decades ago, social media and online brands simply didn’t exist. Today, everyone has the power to share and be heard by the people. While this might be an amazing blessing, it comes at a cost. Refuse to be involved with Google (and social media in general), and you’ll suffer serious consequences. We’ve all benefitted from having the microphone that is the internet. But having the best microphone in the world is useless if you don’t use your voice.

I hope you’re able to use these techniques to take your clinic to the next level. If you liked this post and want to hear more about the proven strategies we use here at Clinic Supplies Canada, go ahead and subscribe to our Clinic Accelerator Blog. Don’t worry: we hate spam just as much as you do. Nothing but useful, interesting information that we know you’re going to love.

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