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6 Little-Known Trends That Are Helping Clinic's Grow Exponentially in 2018

Posted by Rick Lau on Nov 14, 2018 10:00:00 AM

I finally left my barber and went to a different one near me. She does a fantastic job but I had to wait at least a week to get a haircut because her schedule is always full. I’m a very impatient person so I kept complaining to her about it while getting a haircut.

I told her  “ I  just can’t wait this long to get a haircut. I’m traveling and working all the time…. She just nodded her head but nothing changed.

I went to a new barber who just opened up near me.  It’s right near my house so I can walk there. I don’t have to wait to get a haircut anyone. It’s just way more convenient.

I’d been going to her for 5 years and spent at least $3000 with her. I was with her when she was not as successful and until she became very successful.

I see this happen to clinics all the time. They get successful they become complacent and lose the hunger that drove them. They are okay with making their patients wait and stop looking for ways to optimize their patients’ experience.

In today’s busy society your patients have very little patience. Just as I did with my barber, long time patients may leave in an instant when a new startup clinic opens near them.

Or worse - one of your clinicians sees the opportunity and leaves to open up a clinic right down the road and some patients go too.

That’s why it’s critical you don’t get complacent and lose that hunger. Keep learning strategies to provide the exceptional patient experience that will grow your clinic.

How do you not just survive but thrive in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace?

I’ve identified 6 Little-Known Trends That Are Helping Clinic's Grow Exponentially in 2018

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