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Top 8 Best Selling Knee Braces in 2017

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Apr 15, 2015 11:14:00 AM



Updated: July 24, 2019

Remember when your patient came to your clinic with a ACL knee tear, complaining about her pain and how badly she wants to walk again.

“Which knee brace do you recommend for my injury?”

Ermm...good question.

In situations like this, having the best knee braces in stock is super helpful so you can find the perfect fit for your patient. 

As a registered physiotherapist and clinic owner in Toronto, I treat a variety of patients (sports, wcb, mva, private) and believe in offering complete care at my own practice. Offering “complete care” includes recommending helpful advice and products that can boost your patient’s recovery.

Today I want to share my opinion on what I like/don’t like about CSC's top 10 best selling knee braces, as well as which type of patients are most suited for these knee supports so we can better help clinicians offer complete care for your practice.  

1) Bauerfeind

Made in Germany, Bauerfeind knee braces are one of the best of their kind. Top-notch quality and unsurpassed craftsmanship, these braces keep in mind how important comfort and adjustable movement are to the wearer.

The braces offer adjustable straps to limit patella movement and have pressure points which are designed to minimize the pain. These very same pressure points maximize circulation the knee so it promotes and accelerates the healing process.

Bauerfeind braces are available in six different sizes, are made from breathable material, and have patellar protection for every type movement your knee goes through. They’re best suited for patients with patella dislocation or misalignment.

If the some of the braces are slightly out of your price range, there is a cheaper option available - the Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Brace - which offers similar and effective therapy.


2) Donjoy Tru Pull Lite Knee Brace

Another brace that practically flies off the shell is the Donjoy Tru Pull Lite Knee Brace. This brace anchors at the thigh and calf to prevent movement of the brace itself. It stays put so your patient can get as much rehabilitation help as possible with a knee brace.

There are also pressure points available throughout the brace so that it maximizes patellar support during movement.

This brace is super easy to wear during activity and made from breathable fabric. It has multiple straps for increased support and comfort.

The Donjoy Tru Pull Lite Knee Brace is best suited for patients with patellar pain or dislocation and is very helpful for patients with anterior knee pain, osteoarthritis, or tendinitis.

If this particular brace isn’t exactly what your patient is looking for, the Bauerfeind Genutrain
Knee Brace
is another brace which also provides stabilization for the patella.



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3) Donjoy Reaction Web Knee Brace

One of THE most popular best knee braces around - the Donjoy Reaction Web Knee Brace was designed by none other than an orthopedic surgeon with all their experience and knowledge poured into the creation of this brace!

It’s specially designed to absorb shock and shift pressure away from painful areas and the adjustable straps allow for maximum support and comfort. It has a mesh back which offers air circulation and comfort and can be worn on either leg.

This brace is best suited for patients with general knee instability, osteoarthritis, and Jumper’s Knee. 


4) Donjoy Playmaker

Another popular Donjoy brace, the Donjoy Playmaker is designed with a hinge to control the range of motion within the brace. It has multiple straps which are located for maximum support and comfort.

It is made with lightweight and breathable material, can be worn on either leg, and is super easy to put on when heading out for your day.

It’s best suited for patients who are recovering from ACL injuries or ligament strains. An alternative to this brace for patients recovering from mild to moderate ACL injuries includes the Breg X2K Knee Brace.



 6) MedSpec Dynatrack Knee Brace

The MedSpec Dynatrack Knee Brace is a brace which has the ability to apply constant pressure to the knee - regardless of the position the knee is in. It has a skinloc lining which prevents the brace from moving or adjusting itself so the knee get the full effect of the rehabilitation benefits it provides.

It has an open back which increases user comfort and also helps with circulation. The brace has adjustable straps and is made from lightweight material. Best of all - the brace can be worn underneath clothing and on either leg!

It’s best for patients with knee instability and patients who are recovering from ligament injury. 


7) BREG T-Scope Post-Op

The Breg T-Scope Post-op brace has hinge bars which help it adjust to the length of the leg it covers. The hinge also allows the brace to be locked within a certain limited range of motion - depending on preference. There are buckle clips which make the application of the brace super easy.

This brace is best for patients who have ligament injuries and patients with meniscal repairs or condyle fractures. An alternative to this brace, which offers very similar support and comfort, would be the Breg Premier T-Scope Post-Op Hinged Knee Brace.


8) ThermoActive Hot & Cold Knee Support

The ThermoActive Hot & Cold Knee Support is a brace which specifically applies compression to all sides of the knee simultaneously. It contains a polygel pack for hot or cold application which can further help with recovery and eliminate pain.

It has a hand pump which helps to adjust the different levels of compression, is washable, lightweight, and can be worn on either knee. It’s best suited for patients with an ACL injury, patients with a meniscal injury, and patients who require post knee operation care.

An alternative to this knee support would be an ointment that is topically applied to provide cooling relief to the knee - the Biofreeze Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel.




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