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Top 10 Best Selling Back Supports and Braces in 2017

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Nov 18, 2015 2:00:00 PM


I bet you still remember when Wendy came in late last week complaining about her lower back injury. She kept saying how she just needed to feel better quick so she could get back to work!

Sure, you analyzed the situation and figured out the type of injury she had and what could help her get better. But what are you supposed to recommend when Wendy starts asking questions like “Which is the best back support belt for me?”

There are SO many options to choose from and numerous types of braces all for different ailments ... What. Do. You. Recommend?

As a registered physiotherapist and clinic owner in Toronto, I treat a variety of patients (sports, wcb, mva, private) and believe in offering complete care at my own practice. Offering “complete care” includes recommending helpful advice and products that can boost your patient’s recovery.

Today I want to share my opinion on what I like/don’t like about CSC's top 10 best selling back braces, as well as which type of patients are most suited for these back supports so we can better help clinicians offer complete care for your practice.

1) Embrace Airplus Backrest

This lightweight and transportable backrest can be adjusted for increased lower back support and offers lumbar support which can be easily molded to your back for increased comfort. It has a super easy-easy-to-squeeze pump and comes in a variety of fun colors! The breathable and durable material ensures lasting quality and relief from pain and makes sure you’re engaging in the most comfortable/beneficial position you need to get better - fast. It can be used almost anywhere you sit down - be it in most standard office chairs or car seats.

This transportable, cost-effective backrest comes in a variety of colors and is made of breathable and durable material, enriching the quality and ensuring the long-lasting use of the product.

This back support is best suited for patients with lower back pain or patients who get fatigued when sitting, but if you’re looking for a suitable alternative, then Obus Forme Lowback Backrest Support is also a great option!

Embrace Airplus Backrest Back Support

2) Posture Medic

A simple posture brace that has a huge impact on your body. This posture corrector can help your patients strengthen weak muscles, lengthen tight muscles, and stabilizes the upper body to create perfect posture. Essentially, it helps correct posture by addressing the muscle imbalances in the posture of the client.

The Posture Medic uses progressive rehabilitation to encourage potent recovery and help the patient reach an optimal end result. It does this through increased repetitions and the tensile strength of the product. Not only is it easy to wear and can be brought along literally anywhere, it can also be worn under clothing. It also comes in both original and plus strengths as well as a variety of sizes.

As the description suggests, this back brace is best suited for patients with poor posture and/or patients who sit at a desk for prolonged periods of time. 

If this isn’t the product your client needs, a suitable alternative would be the Posture Sport Brace.

 Posture Medic

3) Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Rolls are foam rollers used to bring lower back pain relief and designed to support your posture. It’s super easy to fasten to any chair and helps correct posture by aligning the lumbar spine with a variety of degrees of firmness. Easy to store, transport, and wash - lumbar rolls are a great cheap option for posture support when travelling.

Lumbar Rolls are best suited for patients with lower back pain, poor posture, or who must endure periods of prolonged sitting.

If Lumbar Rolls aren’t what you’re looking for - the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest Support is an awesome alternative for patients as well.

 Lumbar Roll


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4) Bioskin Back Brace

The Bioskin Back brace is a very a popular choice amongst healthcare professionals all across Canada. Its most notable feature includes a narrow cut in the front of the brace so that it does not impinge on the groin or rib area. It’s available in 2 colors: Black or Tan, comes in a variety of sizes, and is able to fit under clothing if required.

There are vented side panels for heat release and breathability and is immensely comfortable. This lumbar support is best for patients with lumbar strains, a weak core, and/or poor posture. Another brace which is great for a patient with this profile who may be looking for an alternative is the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest Support.

Bioskin Back Brace

5) Bauerfeind LordoLoc Back Brace

Bauerfeind is a notable name in the realm of back support and rehabilitation aide. And for good reason too! This back brace has aluminum stays that can be custom molded for increased, customized support. Not only is it adjustable and available six different sizes, this brace can be worn under clothing and is an all around dream to wear and adjust comfortably.

This back support is best for patients with lower back pain or clients who are recovering from a strain. It’s also very beneficial for osteoarthritis of the spine. If for some reason this brace isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, the Obus Forme Lowback Backrest Support is a similar brace which provides a similar quality of rehabilitation and is an all-around awesome brace to help your patients recover FAST.

Bauerfeind Lordoloc Back Brace

6) Thuasne Ligaflex Clavicle Brace

A state-of-the-art, adjustable, clavicular brace, the Thuasane Ligaflex Brace is universally sized (one size fits all) and offers great support to the shoulder and clavicle area as its notable features (not to mention the attractiveness of the brace). It contains carefully placed padding for support and comfort and is most beneficial for patients recovering from clavicle fractures.

If this brace being void of any restrictions in movement isn’t something that catches your eye, the M Brace Clavicle Brace is an amazing brace that offers similar benefits to the user and also covers more surface area on the patient for added support.

Thuasne Ligaflex Clavicle Brace

7) Donjoy Saunders S'port Back Support

An awesome choice for your more active patients, the Donjoy Saunders S’port back brace provides the ultimate support during physical activity. It includes athletic compression shorts and also offers lumbar and sacroiliac support.

This is a specially designed back support belt made particularly for optimal comfort during activity. It’s available in different sizes and is also washable. It’s best suited for patients with SI joint pain or instability or otherwise patients with lower back pain.

If this back support isn’t what your patient may need, the Bio Skin Back Skin is a good, low-profile alternative.

Donjoy Saunder Back Support

8) Mueller Back Support Brace

Another very popular brace - the Mueller back support has no less than 8 supportive steel panels that offer exceptional lumbar support. It’s super easy to adjust the tension on this brace and you won’t need to go on a treasure hunt for a measuring tape since the one size it’s available in fits majority of sizes!

The Mueller back support has great support for lower back pain relief and fits comfortably under clothing. It’s best for patients with lower back pain and chronic back pain. It’s also a great option for clients with osteoarthritis in the spine. An alternative option for similar benefits would be the Donjoy Saunders S’port Back Support.

Mueller Back Support Brace

9) Serola SI Sacroiliac Belt

The Serola SI Sacroiliac Belt is back support belt which does not limit the hip joints regular movement and can definitely be worn during physical activity. It’s specially designed to allow for natural movement while simultaneously offering support to the SI joint.

It’s available in different sizes and is adjustable to maximize the fit and comfort for the wearer.

It’s best suited for patients with lower back pain, SI instability or injury, and patients with muscle spasms in the hip area.

An alternative product similar to this belt would be the Donjoy SI Belt which would offer a similar level of support during rehabilitation.


10) Mother-To-Be Maternity Support Belt

The miracle of motherhood is an absolute blessing. Though it would be awesome if this blessing didn’t come blessed with back pain (Ouch!). The Mother-To-Be Maternity Support Belt is super effective in reducing pressure in the pelvic area and is a very comfortable fit around the abdomen and belly. Not only does it support the back, it also improves circulation and can be worn under maternity clothes.

The maternity belt has adjustable straps so you can find the perfect fit and comes in a variety of sizes. If the name hasn’t already tipped you off, this belt is best suited for pregnant women at ANY stage of their pregnancy. If you’re looking for options in terms of a support belt, take a look at the Serola SI Sacroiliac Belt for similar benefits and uncompromised comfort.

Mother to be Maternity Belt


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