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Top 10 Best Selling Ankle Braces in 2017

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Sep 3, 2015 4:01:00 PM


Remember when your patient came to your clinic with a sprained ankle, complaining about her pain and how badly she wants to play volleyball again.

“Which ankle brace do you recommend for my injury?”

Ermm...good question.

In situations like this, having a variety of ankle supports in stock is super helpful so you can find the perfect fit for your patient. Although that sounds nice - there are over 82 ankle supports on the CSC website so it can get a bit overwhelming. 

Don’t pull your hair out just yet... CSC ran the numbers across top physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy clinics in Canada and have compiled the top 10 best selling ankle braces in 2015 for your patients!

As a registered physiotherapist and clinic owner in Toronto, I treat a variety of patients (sports, wcb, mva, private) and believe in offering complete care at my practice. Offering “complete care” includes recommending helpful advice and products that can boost your patient’s recovery.

Today I want to share my opinion on what I like/don’t like about CSC's top 10 best selling ankle braces, as well as which type of patients are most suited for these ankle supports so we can better help clinicians offer complete care for your practice. 

1) Mueller HG 80 Ankle Brace

One of the most popular ankle braces out there, the Mueller HG80 brace is a dream come true - lightweight AND easy to use. It’s comfort and affordability make purchases a no brainer, especially since it’s a great fit for practically anyone! It comes in various sizes for maximum fit of the wearer, since it will fit in a regular shoe, and the figure 8 strap offers both extra support and stability without limiting the ankles range of motion.

The Mueller HG80 brace is most suitable for patients who need to return to their usual athletic selves after being out of sports and other physical activities because of ankle issues. Also, it will work great for clients playing sports that require lateral movement and jumping so they get extra stability and support for their ankle. 

Great choice for a basketball ankle brace. 

If for some reason this brace doesn’t cut it for you, there is an alternative to look into - the Aircast Airsport. This brace also offer good support to the ankle joint but is slightly more cumbersome and heavier than the HG80 ankle brace.


2) Bio Skin Trilok Ankle Brace

A triple threat - breathable, lightweight, and easy to use. The Bio Skin Trilok can be worn on either foot, fits into regular shoes, and has straps that allow for self-tightening to whichever point the patient feels provides them the most support. One of the best braces for high ankle stability, this brace comes in 4 different sizes to best suit your patient's needs.

The Bio Skin Trilok ankle brace is super convenient for people who want to return to playing sports and being their active self after suffering through an ankle sprain. It’s optimal for activities that require lateral movement and jumping because with this brace, the sprained ankle will get extra stability and support.

Great choice for a volleyball ankle brace. 

If your not sure about this ankle support, the Aircast Airsport may be an alternative. The air cast brace may not have the same ability to tighten the straps underneath the foot for increased stability, but it does offer comparable support to the ankle joint itself.



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3) Aircast Walking Boots

The Aircast Walking Boot is one of the most popular (not to mention sturdiest) braces constantly prefered many medical doctors and physiotherapists in Canada! Its unique structure allows for the patient to be mobile while going through the healing process and considering the sensitivity of the injured area, it is also very easy to put on and take off - thus allowing maximum comfort.

With various sizes available, it’s proven to reduce both pain and swelling after an injury or break to the ankle/foot. Its rocker sole decreases pressure under the foot which in turn promotes natural movement during daily activities. The visibly sturdy and rigid shell is one of the most prominent features of this brace as it provides unsurmountable protection to the sensitive foot area when worn.

The Aircast Walking Boot is most suitable for patients who have ankle fractures as well as sorts of foot injuries or ankle fractures and can also be prescribed after surgery to aide in the rehabilitation process.

If this brace is close to what your patient needs but you’re still looking for alternatives, the Aircast FP Walking Boot would be an excellent choice. The product is essentially the same but the FP brace goes farther up the leg for additional surface area covered. The FP brace may end up being a little bit too cumbersome for some clients, but it harbours the valuable ability to add extra support and protection to an injured leg.


4) ASO Ankle Brace with Stays

The ASO Ankle Brace is unique in the way that it has figure 8 straps that offer extra stability due to its structure and placement. This lightweight brace has plastic stays that provide increased protection to the outside of the ankle and ensure that it’s kept firmly in place. Not to mention its easy to wear form and ability to fit snugly inside of a regular shoe, the ASO Ankle Brace is perfect to wear after an ankle sprain or for patients suffering from instability of the ankle. It’s also great for athletes returning to sport after an ankle injury because of the immense support the brace provides.  

Great choice for a volleyball ankle brace. 

The brace has a bilateral design which means that it can conveniently be worn on either foot. It’s machine washable and available in different sizes allowing for convenient care of the item and effortless use. The brace is able to decrease the range of motion of the ankle to allow maximum healing and rehabilitation.

If still considering alternatives, the ASO EVO Ankle Brace offers great support to the ankle joint with stabilizing straps wrap comfortably around your ankle for the maximum protection.


5) Aircast A60 Ankle Support

The Aircast A60 - lightweight, durable, easy to wear. What else could anyone want? Oh and did I mention - not only does it fit inside a regular shoe, it works to help prevent ankle sprains and twists when worn during daily activity.

The figure 8 strap offer extra stability and, having a bilateral design and available in various sizes, can be worn on either foot. A highly accommodating product as it comes in large sizes, it is machine washable and  perfect for general instability of the ankle.

An alternative for this particular brace is the Aircast Airsport. This brace offers awesome support to the ankle joint but does not have the lace up feature available in other braces. 


6) ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace

The ASO Speed Lacer is a brace made specially for speedy recovery and focuses on the rehabilitation for the foot. Of course it’s easy to put on, but there’s also extra padding around the Achilles tendon AND around the foot contours for more comfort and increased stability (the two magic words).

But that’s not the only support the patient will receive - the figure 8 strap also offers the wearer even more support and stability. This is a great lace up ankle brace for your patients.

The ASO Speed Lacer has bilateral design, is machine washable, and is available in different sizes and colours. It is most suitable for healing after an ankle sprain, ankle instability, and also chronic ankle pain.


7) Orthosleeve Ankle Support

The Orthosleeve is a foot sleeve is designed to gently lift and stretch the plantar fascia and improve blood flow to damaged tissue. It’s easy to wear (since it’s a slip-on sleeve), lightweight, and incredibly affordable. With its use, it decreases heel pain and increases circulation thereby promoting rehabilitation to injured tissues in both the heel and the foot. Great option for a plantar fasciitis brace. 

The Orthosleeve has a bilateral design so that it can be worn on either foot. It’s machine washable, available in different sizes and colours, and can also be worn under socks and inside footwear. This sleeve will be most suitable for patients dealing with plantar fasciitis and heel pain. 

Not looking for a sleeve? An alternative item which could provide similar support is the ProCare Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint. This night splint has the ability to immobilize the foot to promote healing - but can be big and too bulky for some clients.


8) M2 Night Splint

The M2 Night Splint has a particular job to do. It's worn at night and works to stretch the plantar fascia to alleviate pain. Since it is worn on the foot, its genius design includes a slip resistant sole as well to prevent any unnecessary accidents. In addition to fitting either foot, it also includes adjustable straps to make the product fit to the degree that is most comfortable for the patient.

Another suggestion for patients suffering from plantar fasciitis is the ProCare Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint. This splint is able to immobilize the foot really well to promote the healing process, but it could be a little too bulky and cumbersome for some. 


9) DonJoy Posterior Leaf Splint (AFO)

The DonJoy Posterior Leaf Splint is super helpful in assisting with ambulation, especially because of its lightweight build and versatility. It fits inside most shoes and allows the wearer to walk from place to place with a patients who have a neurological deficit causing foot drop. And the best part? It can be customized to fit the shape of the patient's foot!

Alternatively, the Navigait AFO for Drop Foot brace is also a wonderful substitution if the Donjoy brace isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. The Navigait also attempts to increase dorsi flexion for patients with a foot drop. It can, however, be very cumbersome, bulky, and must also be worn with a shoe.


10) Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace

The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace is just as speedy in rehabilitating injuries as it sounds. It offers heel support as well as great stability for the ankle joint. The organization of the straps on this brace maximize protection and support of the ankle joint and prevent the ankle from rolling inwards or outwards.

It’s available in standard or wide calf styles- which makes it suitable for a variety of clients - and is also extremely easy to put on and take off. It’s perfect for use after an ankle sprain or for patients with ankle instability.




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