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Charlotte Anderson


Charlotte is a registered physiotherapist working in a busy private practice (alphahealthservices.ca) in Toronto. She focuses on orthopaedic rehab and recovery. Charlotte loves skiing and camping. Her favourite food is pineapple :)
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Top 8 Best Selling Knee Braces in 2017

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Apr 15, 2015 11:14:00 AM


Updated: July 24, 2019

Remember when your patient came to your clinic with a ACL knee tear, complaining about her pain and how badly she wants to walk again.

“Which knee brace do you recommend for my injury?”

Ermm...good question.

In situations like this, having the best knee braces in stock is super helpful so you can find the perfect fit for your patient. 

As a registered physiotherapist and clinic owner in Toronto, I treat a variety of patients (sports, wcb, mva, private) and believe in offering complete care at my own practice. Offering “complete care” includes recommending helpful advice and products that can boost your patient’s recovery.

Today I want to share my opinion on what I like/don’t like about CSC's top 10 best selling knee braces, as well as which type of patients are most suited for these knee supports so we can better help clinicians offer complete care for your practice.  

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How to Boost Patient Compliance that Drives Repeat Visits

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Mar 3, 2015 12:29:00 PM


As a healthcare professional, you hope that your patient will follow through on your rehabilitation recommendations after they leave your clinic. Studies show compliance rates to rehabilitation range from 40-91% (Brewer, 2002). Whether you are setting up a physiotherapy clinic or have a super busy massage or chiropractic practice, compliance rates are crucial to boosting your patient's outcome measures which ultimately effects the reputation of your clinic. 

How do you ensure that your patients will stick to their treatment program and not fall off after their 3rd appointment with you? The answer is simple. The patient must like and trust you. If you have both of these areas covered, they will adhere to your treatment plans and follow your advice. Here are nine easy ways to boost your patient compliance, from assessment to discharge, that will drive repeat visits.

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10 Therapy Products Your Competitors are Selling - Why Aren't You?

Posted by Charlotte Anderson on Feb 19, 2015 2:01:00 PM


As a clinician, your priority is to provide your patients with the highest quality of care. 
Offering “complete care” is about offering a great treatment. But it also includes recommending helpful advice and products that can boost your patient’s recovery.
Many physiotherapists or chiropractors often feel uncomfortable recommending rehabilitation products to their patients. They really shouldn’t. You are your patients trusted health advisor and you know that integrating therapy products with treatments will speed up your patient’s recovery. Your patients are only going to love you for that - no one likes to be in pain or have an injury.
While the patients outcome is always a primary focus, the other key benefit to selling products is it can boost your revenue by an extra 8% on average  - which adds up to a lot in the long-term.
Selling rehabilitation products is a growing trend. Your competitors are getting in on the action and establishing a competitive edge, so why aren’t you? It's time you stopped missing out on opportunities and get in on the action. 
If you're worried about stocking product inventory, partner with a rehab supplier like CSC who can ship on demand with no minimum orders. Then, you don't have to worry about stocking items that range in various sizes and different fittings (left or right) and you can start selling the right things directly to patients as you go.
To help get you started, here are the ten "best selling" physiotherapy products most clinics are recommending to their patients.
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