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Paul Moon


Spent 15 years as Chief Operating Officer at PT Health, one of Canada's largest rehab companies with over 1400 employees.
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How to Choose a Good Location for a Physiotherapy Clinic

Posted by Paul Moon on May 9, 2019 10:00:00 AM

7 Time-Saving, Expense-Cutting Tips for Where to Start Your Next Clinic

To start a private practice as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist, you must first decide on its location.

Pretty obvious, right? But, as they say, the secret to a successful business is location. This will always be true for any business that provide a service, even in the age of the internet. Patients still have to come in person, and that’s not going to change in our business.

But location isn’t just about proximity to major roads, doctor’s offices, and a Starbucks. They are definitely key factors to keep in mind when choosing a good location for your clinic. But as this story will show you,  a lot can still go wrong. 

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