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Fix Your Patient Engagement
5 metrics you need to measure to STOP patients leaving you

[Webinar Replay]



Watch this Webinar Replay with Rick Lau & Darryl Yardley


Rick Lau talks to a lot of clinic owners and when he ask them what their biggest challenge is, they ALWAYS tell him it's patient engagement and how they can't manage clinicians.  Did you know (according to Strive Labs), 20% of patients drop out in 3 visits and never come back again. That's a lot of new patients who never came back to your clinic and they tell their friends how crappy your clinic is.

If you can't measure it, you can't fix it.  

In this webinar replay, Rick Lau (clinic owner entrepreneur and marketing expert) and Darryl Yardley 
(clinic operations expert), will teach you what metrics you needs to start measuring to STOP patients leaving your clinic and negatively impacting your brand. 

You will learn

  • Why do patients self discharge and what to do about it
  • The 5 metrics Rick uses on every Clinic Accelerator client.
  • How you talk about metrics to your clinicians
  • How you can start measuring these metrics today

plus, much more! 

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Duration: 45 minutes
Awesome: Of course.
Speaker:  Rick Lau + Darryl Yardley


About Rick Lau


Rick Lau is a successful healthcare entrepreneur and marketing expert. Having built a network of over 100 clinics across Canada, Rick understands the challenges clinic owners face and how to overcome them through optimizing clinic systems and marketing processes. Rick is presently founder Clinic Supplies Canada (CSC), which saw a growth rate of 65% last year, a 3X SEO increase, 40K website sessions a month, generating 1000+ orders every month. CSC also runs the popular #ClinicAccelerator Blog with over 3000 clinic owner subscribers. Rick is also the founder of CallHero, a call performance and training software that helps clinics turn their staff into phone experts and convert more calls into booked appointments. Rick also supports the CPA Private Practice Division as a content expert to help clinic owners with their businesses.


About Darryl Yardley

Darry Yardley V3.jpg

Darryl is a highly accomplished FCAMPT physiotherapist who has turned his business expertise to consulting and educating practices in high level clinical operations and development. He has hired and mentored over 50 new grad physiotherapists. Darryl is also the current Chair of the Private Practice Division, director of research and therapist development at DSD Management - a network of 14 multidisciplinary clinics throughout southern Ontario, and the professor for Business and ‘Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy’ course at Western University, along with lecturing at McMaster University and the University of Toronto on business and practice management.   


Learn How Fix Your Patient Engagement