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Unlock the Floodgates of New Patients, Guaranteed!

Let me show you how to Build A Simple Effective New Patient Marketing Funnel that you can turn on and off to get as many new patients as you want and need.


Dear Success-Minded Clinic Owner

Are you having any of these problems?
  1. You need to generate a steady stream of new patients that produces a super high ROI but your marketing tactics aren’t delivering the results you expected.
  1. You’ve heard digital marketing is the answer but you have no idea where to start.
  1. You’re frustrated because even though you’re getting web traffic, you’re not getting the new patient calls.
  1. You work with digital marketing companies that work with local competitors, placing you in a cutthroat battle before you even get started with marketing.
  1. You work with marketing companies that don't understand the physiotherapy marketing or chiropractic marketing so you're left wondering whether they can really produce great results.


You’re Not Alone!

Over 80% of clinic owners say digital marketing is one of their biggest challenges.

For you, that’s all about to change.

If you want to build your very own new patient marketing funnel, then pay close attention for just a few minutes because I’m about to share how you can double your new patient bookings in digital as little as 60 days.

I know that sounds like a bold claim to make so let me prove it to you with the case studies of actual clinics (down below)... as well as my story.

First, let me just say, most clinic owners feel overwhelmed and simply don’t have the time to understand or use digital marketing effectively.

I get that. It can be tough.

But here’s the thing, you need to get your digital marketing sorted and here’s why…

  • 77% of online health seekers begin their search at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • 8 out of 10 online health inquiries start at a search engine.
  • 71% mobile searches use click to call a business directly.
  • Click to call trends are growing 19% per year.
If you’re not dominating the online space, your competitors will be, and they will steal new patients from right under you.

Just check out these Google search stats.



You want 11-32% of the traffic share. Not a measly 4% or below.

You want to ride your pages all the way to the top of search, and fast!

How Do You Dominate Online?

With a great Google Adwords strategy specifically designed for your clinic.

Let me tell you a story….

Just a few short years ago I was pretty clueless about digital marketing. Being the owner of Clinic Supplies Canada, I had to learn some digital chops fast, or the company was destined to sink.

Fast forward to now and I’m proud to say we didn’t sink. Quite the opposite actually.

We 4X’d our website SEO and now our website attracts over 30,000 unique visitors per month. We invest in an optimized Adwords strategy, and get this…

We dominate on Google for shopping, Adwords, and organic for tons of different categories - and we’re generating over 1000 online orders per month.

Check out this snapshot example (or click here) and you will see us on the entire page. We even beat amazon and they sell the same product. 



I can help you dominate the online space and claim a big chunk of precious real estate

Wait up just a sec - before you think:

“Oh, this is just about selling me Adwords, I’ve already tried (or am using) that.”

Nope. I’m here to share a specific strategy to generate an abundance of new patients, not just sell you Adwords.

...I can vaguely hear you saying:

“I already have an agency taking care of my Adwords.”

Well, here’s a little cold hard truth I had to learn the hard way (read - I wasted tons of money on ad agencies).

Most ad agencies don’t specialize in healthcare - meaning, they don’t understand how to optimize Adwords for the physiotherapy and chiropractic industry so your ads produce results and double the phone calls to your clinic with the same amount of traffic.

Most ad agencies can’t provide you with a cost per assessment - meaning, they aren’t being held accountable and will likely flush your money down the drain.


How much do you pay Adwords to book a new assessment?

For example, if you spent $1000 on Adwords per month and you got 60 phone calls and booked 25 appointments, your cost per assessment is $1000 / 25 = $40.  The means its cost you $40 for a new patient in the door with adwords. 

It’s always essential to track and measure all your marketing so you can determine these numbers. Still, most ad agencies don’t.

Most ad agencies also work with multiple clinics in your area - meaning, they are making you directly compete with your competitors for the same spot in Google search, so how can they possibly deliver results?

In many cases they can’t. And at best the average site might convert at 6%.

And with the new Adwords changes - less ads per page and no right hand ads - if you’re not optimizing ads specifically for your industry, you’re going to lose out. Lost money. No new patients through the door!

Let me help you generate a steady stream of new patients - on autopilot

With my personalized approach and specialist understanding of the physiotherapy and chiropractic industry, I can double your conversion rate of 6% to 12% for the same Adwords traffic.

That is my promise to you.

If I work with you, I guarantee results.

There’s no long term contract commitment, we go month to month. If you don't see results, you can leave anytime.

I only work with one clinic in your area - YOU. I will never work with any competitors in your community. There is only one spot (for your clinic) and that’s how I can promise to yield amazing results

I will be totally transparent, showing you exactly how much it's costing you per assessment.

I track and measure everything so you will not only see my results and what I can do for you. But, you will also see that the money you spend on marketing is bringing in more money than you’re spending - and of course, PLENTY of new patients - all on autopilot!

And I've got the proof to back my claims.


Case Study #1:  Synergy Health Centre

Chiropractic_Marketing_Jamie_Example.jpgMeet Jamie, owner and chiropractor at Synergy Health Centre.

Synergy Health Centre is the biggest chiropractic and physiotherapy provider in Victoria. We put my Adwords system to the test and within just 60 days, we helped Jamie tripple his Adwords phone calls into the clinic. They make way more money than they spend on their Adwords campaigns.

Cost per assessment = $37  


Case Study #2: Sturgeon Valley Physio & Massage

physiotherapy_marketing_karlee_example.jpgMeet Karlee, owner and physiotherapist at Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy. 

In 2015 we launched the St Albert Physio business / website from zero, scratch, nada! Within just 12 months, the site was generating 30 new assessments per month15 were from SEO and 15 were directly from Adwords. 

Launching a site form zero to success is pretty darn difficult in today’s environment. Unless, you know exactly how to do it.  

Cost per assessment = $52


These are just two examples of the success of using my unique & proven healthcare specific digital physiotherapy marketing strategies.

So let me ask you something.

How much is a new patient worth to you?

In my experience of co-founding over 100 clinics, each new patient is worth at least $500 per year. And the lifetime value of that patient is an average $2000. 

As you can see from the case studies above, our cost per assessment is way below $100.

I can guarantee to build you an Adwords patient marketing funnel that will cost you less then $100 Cost Per Assessment!

With my strategy:

Your clinic will end up the front runner.

Your clinic will dominate search and sales.

And it’s all going to be running on autopilot.

Imagine having the ability to turn the amount of new patients you receive on and off with the click of a button.

Let me help you do it.

In the past I’ve only shared this proven Adwords system with my top coaching clients who pay thousands of dollars for my time. But for the first time ever I’m making my secrets available to you.

I want to help you generate a reliable and predictable patient (and revenue) stream.

...because the truth of the matter is, those patients need your great service and when they search, we need to make sure you’re front and center every.single.time.

Are you in?

 Schedule your free 30 minute call and I’ll share exactly how I can help.
All it takes to get started is for you to make a decision - a no brainer decision I might add because the consult is absolutely free!

Don’t waste your time (or money) trying to “wing it.” Let’s build your new patient marketing funnel now before you lose another client to your competitors.

There’s no obligation. Only everything to gain from a free phone call.

What are you waiting for? Enter your details over to the right and I'll be in touch to schedule a chat >>>>>>>>
I look forward to working with you to make your health business a huge success!



Rick Lau is a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur with over ten years experience in growing successful physiotherapy clinics. He is passionate about mentoring clinic owners to scale and automate their practice so they can start living the life they want with your business. Rick is an expert in practice management, digital marketing, call center operations, business transformation, recruitment, and buying/selling clinics. Along with owning 15 multi-disciplinary clinics, he also co-founded and turned a grass roots company into a national healthcare corporation with over 100 locations. Here is Rick's LinkedIn profile


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