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How to get a free knee brace from your benefits?

BauerfeindYou've been using a frozen bag of peas to ice yourself. You've even skipped going to the gym all week, in hope that the pain will somehow go away. But, the pain is still there - and it's brutal. Now what?

You're already worried about the pain in your knee, you shouldn’t have to worry about the pain in your wallet as well! The cost of knee brace is a concern for many. Did you know that most employer extended health benefits will pay for knee braces? 

Here are 4 easy steps on how to get a free knee brace with your extended health insurance:

#1 Call your insurance company

Find out the specific coverage and requirements. Knee braces are grouped in the category of medical equipment/devices and most insurers will typically pay 100% with no deductible. Tens machines and compression stockings are usually covered as well. For off the shelf knee braces, ask what types are covered. Insurance companies will usually pay for knee braces which contain metal or rigid plastic in the brace (i.e. bauerfiend knee braces)

#2 Find your knee braces before you visit your doctor

Find the brace you need from a trusted supplier and print out the top 3 knee braces you want to purchase. It's important you do this before your doctors visit to make it super easy for your doctor to recommend one according to your needs. If you are unsure of what type of knee brace to purchase, get some ideas from Darryl's picks or go see a physiotherapist.  

#3 Get a doctors note

Most insurance companies requires you to get a doctors note if you want your medical equipment covered. Please call to verify the requirements on the doctors note. Most plans typically require the following on their doctors note: 

  • Diagnosis necessitating the knee brace
  • Anticipated duration the brace will be required
  • Description of what activities the knee brace will be primarily worn for (daily living, sports, etc.)
  • Verification if this is an initial purchase, otherwise reason for replacement
  • Type of knee brace required
  • Purchase price of the knee brace
Luckily you did your research before you visited your doctor and made it super easy for them to approve. Together you and doctor can choose the best knee brace for your injury. 
#4 Submit your required documents for payment

Submit the required documents to the insurance company so you can get the approval or get reinbursed for the payment if you have already purchased the knee brace. Good luck!     

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