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Prepare to be WOWED by my doctor marketing playbook

There are hundreds of patients who need your services and they already visit doctors. You need to educate doctors about how you can help. Learn how to do it — the right way...

How does 25+ new patient referrals a week sound to you?

That's honestly what you can expect when you do doctor marketing right!

A whopping 30% of all doctor visits are for musculoskeletal pain. And aside from prescribing anti-inflammatories or pain relief medications, doctors don't know what to do with these patients.

This is your opportunity because those patients need YOU!

By the time you finish reading this free Guide, you'll understand exactly what to do to gain a never ending stream of patient referrals from doctors.

My Doctor Marketing Guide is Full of Proven Strategies

Written by Rick Lau - Healthcare entrepreneur who has built a chain of 100+ physiotherapy clinics across Canada using doctor marketing as a primary marketing tool.

Inside this free eGuide Rick will reveal 19 Killer Secrets to Get More Doctor Referrals — it's much easier than you think!

Rick will show you:

  • Some incredible stats that will blow your mind
  • How to understand the mindset of doctors so you can easily overcome any obstacles or objections
  • How to woo the gatekeeper (front desk) so you can get direct access to the doctors
  • 5 key types of doctors to focus on so you can guarantee constant referrals
  • How to create tools to stand out and make you appear like the only expert the doctor ever wants to work with
  • The best strategies for communication and conversation so you can connect with doctors right on their level
  • 5 vital steps to get the referrals and keep them coming in month after month

This really is The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Marketing — presented in 19 detailed steps — and it's yours absolutely FREE!

  • Learn how to do doctor marketing like a pro
  • Gain a neverending stream of new patient referrals

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You'll Get a Step-by-Step Doctor Marketing Playbook That Really Works!